Dear Students & Friends,

It is with heavy hearts we inform you that, effective immediately, Bikram Yoga Richmond will be closing its doors. A change of land use on the Lansdowne site triggered an astronomical increase in property taxes making it impossible for us to continue operations in this facility. We hired a lawyer to challenge the landlord on burdening tenants with property tax resulting from rezoning and a planned residential development and to help us negotiate a framework within which we could remain in the mall. In the end the negotiations did not go our way and we were unable to come to an agreement that was viable. This is not the outcome we were hoping for and fought for but please know that we did everything within our power & available resources to achieve a different outcome.

We discussed the idea of relocating but the property tax issues we face here in Lansdowne are occurring in other commercial buildings in Richmond making it more and more challenging to run a small, independent business in this city.

Closing our doors under these circumstances comes at a great cost to us, both financially and emotionally, just as we know it will affect many of you. Although we are not in a position to offer refunds we have worked very hard to connect with other studios in supporting our student community through this transition. Know that all memberships were sold in good faith.

We have always tried to conduct ourselves fairly and with integrity and this situation has been no different. With legal counsel, we considered all options and ideas to resolve the difficult situation we have been placed in and have taken the professional advice that an immediate closure is the best solution.

Please see below for a list of studios that are supporting BYR students in a variety of ways:

YYoga is graciously offering 1 month of complimentary yoga to all students on any active membership (including AutoRenew & Introductory Offers). This offer is valid at any of their 12 locations. They have a beautiful studio here at the Richmond Olympic Oval with state of the art amenities, infrared sauna and 10+ styles of yoga including Hot, Power, Flow, Yin, Pilates and Sculpt. They also have locations in Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler, North Shore and Toronto. Please be sure to drop by one of their studios between Tuesday, November 21 and Monday, January 15, 2018 to take advantage of this offer. You will need your Bikram Yoga Richmond ID tag and phone number on hand. You can check out their website at for schedules and class offerings.

Contact 778-296-1475 or

There are several other studios supporting our community and honouring memberships in a variety of ways. Please see the list below and contact studios directly before December 31, 2017 to inquire about their offering and to make arrangements. Have your ID tag and number on hand as they will have access to our client database and can look up account details.

Yoga Union (formerly Bikram Yoga South Delta)
Owner: Katrina Wynn

Nourish Hot Yoga (formerly Bikram Yoga White Rock)
Owners: Sandy & Jai

Yoga 360 (Surrey, Panorama Ridge)
Owner: Candice Lim Hing

Bikram Yoga Delta (North Delta)
Owner: Mak Parhar

It has been our absolute honour & privilege to serve you for the past 9 years in this location and 5 years in our previous location on Alexandra Street. We have loved watching each of you discover & grow in this amazing yoga practice and recently in hot pilates, yin, floor barre and Zumba. We will deeply miss the community we have all built together.

We sincerely hope you continue with your practice and find a new home & community at one of the above studios. We know you will be in good hands.

Thank you for all that each of you has brought to this community and for your loyalty, support & friendship.

We wish you all good health, happiness & peace and hope our paths cross again.

With gratitude,

Dave & Leah Groves
Bikram Yoga Richmond


我们懐着沉重的心情,宣告列治文高温瑜伽(Bikram Yoga Richmond)由即日起关门结业。Lansdowne地段要更改用途,触发该地物业税巨幅上涨,使我们无法继续在该地址营业。业主因地段重新规划改建为住宅发展,要求租户支付巨额物业税,我们因此聘请律师向业主提出抗议,并代表我们谈判,为我们争取继续在商场内营业。可惜,谈判并不如意以偿,我们无法达成可行的共识方案。即使我们努力争取,结果仍是事与愿违。希望您们明白我们已竭尽所能争取更理想的解决方法。





YYoga 为我们的活跃会员(包括自动更新和新加入会员)慷慨提供1个月免费瑜伽。他们分布各地的12 个地点都可以提供这项优惠。而其中一个教室,位于列治文奥林匹克椭圆速滑馆,环境优美,除了美术设施,更有红外线桑拿和十多款瑜伽,包括热瑜伽、能量瑜伽、动瑜伽、阴瑜伽、Pilates 及雕塑瑜伽。他们分别在温哥华、本立比、威士拿、大温北岸及多伦多等设有教室。请于11月21日星期二至2018年1月15日星期一期间前往他们的其中一间教室享受优惠。届时您需要出示列治文高温瑜伽身分证及电话号码。至于上课时间表及课程类别,可参看其网站信息。


Yoga Union (前称南三角洲高温瑜伽Bikram Yoga South Delta)
东主:Katrina Wynn

Nourish Hot Yoga (前称白石高温瑜伽Bikram Yoga White Rock)
东主:Sandy & Jai

Yoga 360 (素里, Panorama Ridge)
东主: Candice Lim Hing

Bikram Yoga Delta (北三角洲)
东主: Mak Parhar

能在Alexandra街为大家服务5 年,然后在本址再服务9 年,绝对是我们的荣幸。看到您们在瑜伽练习,以至近期的高温pilates、阴瑜伽、floor barre和尊巴舞中不断作新尝试和成长,我们实在欣喜。我们会深深怀念和您们一起建立的友谊。





Dave 及 Leah Groves