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Barb grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario but moved to Vancouver in 1993. After graduating with a Master's in Music degree from UBC, Barb began practicing Bikram Yoga to train her mind and body for a demanding career on the opera stage. After three months of practicing yoga she had lost weight, improved physical strength and posture and her voice had increased two tones! Barb loves teaching Bikram Yoga and still continues to perform opera. She might even sing you an aria at the end of the class. Barb is grateful to be a part of the loving community at Bikram Yoga Richmond.

Teaching Style

Calm and clear dialogue. Experienced. Lighthearted. Fun and sometimes funny.

Favorite Posture

Rabbit is my favorite posture because it's an awesome stretch for my spine.

Least Favorite Posture

Awkward 2nd part. The most humbling posture for me. I never get into this posture and just cruise along on autopilot. I have to give it every ounce of determination and strength I have every single time. I've had some real psychological battles with myself in this pose. When I surrender to it, I experience total freedom. But if I fight it, it's hell for 20, 30 or 60 seconds.

Bikram Yoga Instructor Barb in Floor Bow Pose Bikram Yoga Instructor Barb in Full Locust Pose Bikram Yoga Instructor Barb in Toe Stand Pose
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