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30 Day Challenge

Want to change your body, improve your life and transform your practice? Four times a year BYR holds a 30 Day Yoga Challenge where students practice yoga for 30 consecutive days.

Dates :  TBA

Cost :  $125.00 + tax

Details :

  • Student's in the challenge practice for 30 consecutive days
  • You can miss up to 5 classes and make them up by doing doubles
  • If you stop attending classes you are automatically out of the challenge and must purchase a new package.
  • All of the students who complete the 30 days will receive a commemorative t-shirt and get their names entered in a draw to win a complimentary 3-month unlimited pass valued at over $350.00.
  • Prices are subject to change.

Bikram Yoga Richmond - 30 Day Yoga Challenge
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